terraces and outdoor spaces

We maintain your terrace and garden to suit your needs, whether regular or occasional, to ensure that your outdoor space is always green and impeccably presented.


Stavila provides maintenance and landscaping services in and around Cannes.

We offer comprehensive management of your garden, grounds, or shared outdoor spaces, on an ad hoc basis or as part of a tailor-made contract with regular interventions.

We make every effort to guarantee you long-lasting green spaces and give you full satisfaction.

Our qualified gardeners have all the skills required to offer a wide range of landscape maintenance services: watering, scarifying, mowing, clearing, weeding, digging, moss removal, pathmaking, planting flowers and trees, pruning, hedge trimming, maintaining beds and planters, collecting leaves…

Spring is the most appropriate season to maintain your garden. Potting, planting, pruning, weeding… As early as May, our teams of experts take the necessary steps to prepare for summer, optimising the recovery of vegetation and resuming watering and lawn mowing to ensure that your beautiful, blooming garden will last throughout the summer.

In autumn, our gardeners offer to pick up dead leaves, treat the grass, plant bulbs and roses… In winter, we can protect your flowers and shrubs from the cold and bad weather.


You choose the time and date you’d like your service provided, or the frequency of a regular intervention: every day, every week, every fortnight or every month.

We can come to your home to discuss your needs and draw up precise specifications setting out the tasks to be performed and any specific requirements or frequencies, enabling us to best meet your requests.


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