indoors and out

Our teams are equipped to clean all types of windows, both indoors and out, including those that are difficult to reach.

We draw upon our expertise to look after your panes

Looking after windows is one of the most difficult tasks when maintaining an apartment or house. It needs be done periodically and requires real expertise.

Roof windows, Velux®, bay windows, skylights, domes, indoor and outdoor frames, sliders, shutters, verandas, mirror features… We take care of all your windows, however difficult they are to access, even those that are high up or hard to reach.

From small panes to large bays, we work meticulously and methodically to provide an efficient service and obtain an impeccable result. We choose techniques and materials adapted to different types of windows. Our teams are trained to work safely with the right tools for your comfort.

In addition to windows, we also maintain frames and can thus check the condition of your materials.

The conditions in which indoor and outdoor windows need to be cleaned can make the operation complex and results difficult to obtain.

Stavila carries out regular and occasional window maintenance requests for apartments and houses in the Nice region.


You choose the time and date you’d like your service provided, or the frequency of a regular intervention: every day, every week, every fortnight or every month.

We can come to your home to discuss your needs and draw up precise specifications setting out the tasks to be performed and any specific requirements or frequencies, enabling us to best meet your requests.


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