for day-to-day needs

A walk or vet appointment? We take care of your pet to give you more free time.

We manage your four-legged friends

You might not always have the chance to give your pets all the time they need. That’s why we’ve created our pet care service. Our passionate experts will come to you to look after your four-legged friends.

We’ll walk your pets (dogs in particular) so that they’re relaxed and healthy. Some need to go out several times a day to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

We also offer home care for cats, dogs, rodents, fish, birds or terrarium animals. We visit your pets to feed them, change their water, provide company, play and cuddles and look after their well-being.

This type of care is suitable for domestic animals that aren’t keen on a change of scenery or cannot be moved. Our teams will adapt to their environment and respect their owner’s rules.

If you wish, our pet carers can also take advantage of their visit to check that everything is in order at your home, water the plants and pick up the mail.

We can take care of your pet’s well-being as a regular or occasional service, at a frequency that suits you.


You choose the time and date you’d like your service provided, or the frequency of a regular intervention: every day, every week, every fortnight or every month.

We can come to your home to discuss your needs and draw up precise specifications setting out the tasks to be performed and any specific requirements or frequencies, enabling us to best meet your requests.


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