to ensure a warm and smooth arrival

We ensure that your apartment or villa is in order: the beds made, rooms aired, fridge filled, heating adjusted and lawn mown… so that everyone feels right at home as soon as they arrive.

A clean, pleasant residence at all times

Thanks to our professional cleaning service, Stavila will support you in getting your house or apartment fully ready for your arrival or to receive your guests: a hassle-free way of being the perfect host.

If you wish, we can also assist you upon departure to ensure that everything is in order before a long period of non-occupancy or to accommodate guests.

Cleaning, airing, starting-up meters, heating or air-conditioning, laundry, bed-making, buying and unpacking groceries, filling the refrigerator, mowing the lawn, tending to flower boxes, ensuring an operational swimming pool and spa, setting up garden furniture… We’ll be responsible for ensuring your home is clean, friendly and welcoming.

After your departure, we can also take care of preparing your residence so it’ll be ready and waiting in perfect condition at all times. Airing the rooms, handling laundry, putting electrical appliances on standby, as well as closing up your property.

Entrust your home to our teams for complete peace of mind before, during and after your or your guests’ stay.


You choose the time and date you’d like your service provided, or the frequency of a regular intervention: every day, every week, every fortnight or every month.

We can come to your home to discuss your needs and draw up precise specifications setting out the tasks to be performed and any specific requirements or frequencies, enabling us to best meet your requests.


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